SPIRIT - 24 frets, engraved gold / black, abalone strip

The first banjo from our new line that we made was the basic Spirit model. We used curly maple accentuated by tobacco brown finish, radiused ebony fingerboard, standard plywood resonator, multiple ivory binding; the standard pot construction with flathead ring and our reissue pot metal onepiece flange…logically, also featuring our new peghead shape and Spirit inlays in white pearl. I think it is a spectacular model with full fingerboard inlay and full, solid sound. It should appeal to those who admire elaborate, full neck inlays and enjoy melodic runs up and down the length of the fingerboard without a need to watch the position marks.

Price: 3245,- EUR
  • curly maple
  • ebony fingerboard with original PRUCHA headstock
  • Spirit mother of pearl (original PRUCHA pattern)
  • ivory, black, white binding
  • nickel plating
  • standard banjo pot


Mahogany, walnut• No charge
Premium curly maple, cherry (as shown )• 150-350,- EUR
11“ radiused fingerboard (as show)• 180,- EUR
24 frets (as shown)• 230,- EUR
Tortoise multiple binding (including tortoise buttons) (as shown)• No charge
Laminated binding with wooden marquetre• 180,- EUR
Abalone inlay (as shown)• 95,- EUR
Solid resonator (as shown)• 300-500,- EUR
Tortoise multiple binding around headstock (as shown )• 150,- EUR
Abalone strip around headstock (as shown )• 460,- EUR
Abalone strip around fingerboard, resonator sides, heel (as shown)• 800,- EUR
Black nickel, gold plating (as shown)• 830,- EUR
Engraving (as shown)• 670,- EUR
Concentric rings• 150,- EUR
SPIRIT - 24 frets, engraved gold / black, abalone strip