Spirit Brandon Green Signature Model - Mahogany wood, 24frets

The second Spirit Brandon Green Signature Model features a wider fingerboard bound with a three-ply tortoise stripe. Flamed maple was accentuated by the dark orange-brown sunburst finish. It’s flat fingerboard seems to be the preference of traditional bluegrass pickers. We set it up with light strings, head tuned a little higher (up to A), and the tailpiece tightened closer to the head. This model was dedicated to our longtime endorser, teacher, and great person [and Winfield winner], Brandon Green.

Sound samples

Price: 3260,- EUR
  • curly maple
  • ebony fingerboard with original PRUCHA II headstock
  • Spirit BG mother of pearl (original PRUCHA pattern)
  • ivory, black, white binding
  • nickel plating
  • standard banjo pot


Mahogany (as shown), walnut• No charge
Premium curly maple, cherry• 150,- EUR
11“ radiused fingerboard (as shown)• 180,- EUR
24 frets fingerboard (as shown)• 230,- EUR
Speed neck (as shown)• 150,- EUR
Tortoise multiple binding (including tortoise buttons) (as shown)• No charge
Laminated binding with wooden marquetre• 180,- EUR
Abalone inlay (as shown)• 95,- EUR
Solid resonator• 300-550,- EUR
Black nickel, gold plating, engraving and copper flash patina• Ask for availability and price
Concentric rings• 150,- EUR
Spirit Brandon Green Signature Model - Mahogany wood, 24frets