Spirit Jason Burleson Signature Model 2

The last one is Spirit Jason Burleson Signature Model. We wanted to introduce a top-tension banjo based on a classic design with simple pearl ornamentation, but also showcasing some novelty elements. It features a radiused, 24 fret, standard width extended fingerboard and a “speed neck” (the wood is without lacquer and is only lightly cured and polished with honey wax), with a massive resonator and our new one–piece flange. The finish on the metal parts is half shiny/half matt, sand blasted nickel plated parts are engraved with patterns corresponding with the peghead and neck inlays. This mahogany banjo is fitted with a sand blasted and engraved Kershner tailpiece; the maple bridge with ebony plate is also radiused. This instrument is suited for both hardcore bluegrass players as well as musicians exploring modern approaches. It delivers typical top-tension sound, and was created with help from Blue Highway’s Jason Burleson.

Price: 3540,- EUR
  • mahogany
  • ebony fingerboard with original PRUCHA headstock
  • Spirit JB mother of pearl (original PRUCHA pattern)
  • ivory, black, white binding
  • nickel plating
  • standard banjo pot
  • sand blasted engraved JB patterns parts


Walnut• No charge
Premium curly maple, cherry• 150,- EUR
11“ radiused fingerboard (as shown)• 180,- EUR
24 frets fingerboard (as shown)• 230,- EUR
Tortoise multiple binding (including tortoise buttons) (as shown)• No charge
Laminated binding with wooden marquetre• 180,- EUR
Abalone inlay (as shown)• 95,- EUR
Solid resonator (as shown)• 300-550,- EUR
Top tension construction (as shown)• 355,- EUR
Speed neck• 150,- EUR
Concentric rings• 150,- EUR
Spirit Jason Burleson Signature Model 2