Spirit Open Back model - special AB

Eventually, we have finalized the Spirit line with the Open Back model. Beautifully clean peghead shape patterned on the basic outlines of the Spirit models. Plain open back banjo of a very subtle design. Decent simple inlays based on the Alison Brown model design. I always thought that when I grow old, I´d sit in a rocking chair on the porch of my house and pluck old mountain tunes on an open back banjo. Maybe it will come true with our new Spirit open back model...

Price: 2115,- EUR
  • mahogany, satin finish
  • ebony fingerboard with original PRUCHA OB headstock
  • Spirit OB abalone inlay (original PRUCHA pattern)
  • Ivory multiple binding on fingerboard / rim
  • nickel plating
  • open back banjo pot with simply wire tone ring, 28hooks and nuts


Ivory or tortoise multiple binding (including ivory or tortoise buttons)• No charge
Dowel stick• 150,- EUR
12“ rim• 150,- EUR
Black nickel, gold plating and engraving• Ask for availability and price
Abalone inlay• 95,- EUR
Tubaphone tone ring• 299,- EUR
White Ladye tone ring• 135,- EUR
Brass shoe belt• 115,- EUR
Spirit Open Back model - special AB