A5 T

The A5T is our basic beauty. If you are just begining TO PLAY, this is the one to choose for quality and value. All our mandolin tops are carved from either German spruce or Bohemian spruce from the Shumava region of the Czech Republic. This is the area with those freezing cold winter temperatures that serve to create the characteristic tight grain necessary to make the sweetest of tones. For centuries, luthiers of fine wooden instruments have, in particular, sought out the spruce from these famous Czech mountains. Since we are satisfied with only the best in our work, we pick our superior wood blanks personally. With the distinctive PRUCHA look and sound, the A5T will give years of enjoyable playing.

Price: 1590,- EUR
  • Spruce top
  • Curly maple back, sides and neck
  • 11“ radiused ebony fingerboard
  • Tortoise binding on the top and fingerboard
  • 22 frets
  • nickel tuners and tailpiece
  • Satin finish, honey / dark brown sunburst
A5 T